Making your vacation the G.O.A.T.
(greatest of all time)

Large goat on Scotchman Peak Hike


Let’s face it. Often the hardest part is finding the right vacation rental, for the right dates at the right price! We understand and we’re here to help. Contact us and work with a DM professional.


Hooray! You’ve booked! Now what?

  1. You’ll receive an email confirmation from us. (Hint: Booking direct, rather than thru Airbnb or Vrbo saves YOU money and provides better service too!)
  2. 1 week before arrival, we’ll email & text you a Guestbook with home access and details
  3. 2 days before arrival, we’ll text that same Guestbook to you
  4. Arrival Day – 4pm is check in. Our system will automatically text you IF your home is ready earlier
  5. Guestbook has an easy TEXT feature so let us know if you have any questions